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Kathleen Neville is widely published. In addition to authoring two books on workplace relations she has appeared in over 500 publications and media outlets including: ABC News, American Lawyer, Associated Press, Chicago Tribune, CNN, CBS News, Fox News, Jim Lehrer's NewsHour, Le Figaro Magazine (France), Los Angeles Times, Mademoiselle, MSNBC, NBC News, New York Daily News, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Savvy Magazine, Self Magazine, US Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Woman’s World.

Internal Affairs: The Abuse of Power, Sexual Harassment, and Hypocrisy in the Workplace By Kathleen Neville

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...Small companies often differ in their overall organizational needs from large corporations but not in their employees’ needs. Sometimes the management of smaller organizations may feel that their best approach to all internal issues is to apply an overall policy that all who work for the company are "friends," part of a team, and need to always put the goals of the team first... More >>

From the Jacket
In this disturbing examination of politics and dangerous liaisons in the business world, corporate insider and media commentator Kathleen Neville exposes the abuse of power happening daily in the corporate world as some companies continue to underplay the seriousness of sexual harassment in the workplace. Despite wide public debate sexual harassment is one of the least understood and most serious workplace issues facing corporations today. Highly publicized scandals that cost companies millions of dollars are just the tip of the iceberg... More>>

What the Critics are Saying
"Neville's inside look at what's going on in Corporate America shows the limits of the ability of courts and rules of law to control sexual harassment on the job. At the same time, she presents steps that employers can put to immediate and practical use so as to avoid litigation."
–Burke Marshall, Professor Emeritus, Yale Law School

"Internal Affairs gives us our first hard look inside the lives of real people affected by sexual misconduct inthe workplace."
–Karel R. Amaranth, Executive Director, Victims Services

Sexual Harassment Beyond the Law: A Leadership Guide By Kathleen Neville

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Sexual harassment in the workplace affects everyone. It has a profound effect on those that experience it, often an equally adverse effect on those accused. No one within an organization escapes its impact. Sexual harassment is, undoubtedly, one of the most significant issues facing companies and their employees in today’s workplace... More>>

Publisher's Description
SEXUAL HARASSMENT BEYOND THE LAW is a straight-talking video that gets right to the point of addressing sexual harassment in the workplace. The video addresses the most common type of harassment, men harassing women, because it is, overwhelmingly, the most reported type of sexual harassment. In fact, over 80% of all cases of sexual harassment are men harassing women.

The purpose of using this example isn't to unfairly point the finger at men, but rather to show both men and women what type of behavior is offensive in the workplace. This video focuses on a “case study” view of men, women, and harassment, providing viewers with the opportunity to look at all the various aspects and levels of impact created by sexual harassment, regardless of who is being harassed, man or woman.

SEXUAL HARASSMENT BEYOND THE LAW is for everyone because sexual harassment is an issue that affects everyone.

On Firm Ground: How to Manage Sexual Harassment When it Hits Home By Kathleen Neville

American Lawyer, December 1997

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On Firm Ground
It’s perhaps a managing partner’s worst nightmare.
A reporter is on hold wishing to speak to someone at your firm that can comment on the fact that your firm is being sued for sexual harassment. Apparently that someone happens to be you... More >>

Corporate Attractions: An Inside Account of Sexual Harassment with the New Sexual Rules for Men and Women on the Job By Kathleen Neville

Acropolis Books Ltd.

What the Critics are Saying
"CORPORATE ATTRACTIONS is a real and shocking story–but it is complete with solutions for every working person especially managers."
–Bernice Resnick Sandler, Executive Director, Project on the Status and Education of Women, Association of American Colleges

"CORPORATE ATTRACTIONS offers sound advice on a serious workplace problem which concerns the entire working world, particularly in employment areas where women are playing new roles."
–General Jack N. Merritt, U.S. Army Retired, Executive Vice President, Association of the United States Army

"Many people are unclear as to what constitutes sexual impropriety in the workplace. Neville wants to purge those out-of-date guidelines."
–Don Oldenburg, The Washington Post

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